Winter Wellness Workshop with Nutritionist Lauren Deipolyi

Winter themed dishes and nutrients to stay healthy this winter.

Mondays’ Nutritionist, Lauren Deipolyi, shares Winter Nutrition Hacks, focusing on a few winter themed dishes that could be put together to make a big multi-course meal. She also discusses the important nutrients in the foods that are especially vital during the winter such as vitaminD, zinc and vitaminC.

Classes will take place monthly on Wednesdays. Future dates and times will be available soon, so please check back often. This workshop is FREE for Mondays at Racine clients.


About Lauren Deipolyi

Lauren has always been driven by her passion to help others. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Concordia College New York. After working in a variety of settings, she went back to school to obtain a master’s degree in Applied Human Nutrition at the University of New England. There she further developed counseling skills as they relate to the diet-health relationship, building upon experiences in case management and direct service work. Lauren assists patients in making lifestyle modifications through Health Behavior Change methods. She builds client-centered relationships to mutually assess goals and determine individualized plans of action to promote health and healing. As the nutritionist for Mondays at Racine, Lauren is part of a team that strives to provide quality care to cancer patients across Long Island.