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Welcome to Mondays at Racine … We Are Here for You.

If you are going through cancer, you have come to the right place. Mondays at Racine provides hands-on integrative wellness and beauty services to anyone undergoing cancer treatment of any kind; all for FREE.

Each Monday, our program sites—known as charters—open their doors specifically for cancer patients, offering individual attention, customized services and a caring community that transforms the cancer journey for our clients.

Your safety is paramount. All the care providers who interact and work with our clients are state licensed and participate in a Mondays at Racine oncology certification designed to help them address the specific vulnerabilities and needs of cancer patients.

Clients usually make their first appointment shortly after beginning treatment, but you can start with us wherever you happen to be in the process.

Getting Started

To schedule your first appointment with us, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Have your oncologist/medical provider sign the attached medical release. Download Medical Release
  2. Email the signed release to us at:
  3. Once we receive your signed medical release, a Mondays Navigator will call to schedule your first appointment.

Mondays services

Mondays at Racine provides over 17 oncology based services at locations all across Long Island and New York. They are completely safe and all products used during treatment are 100% safe for compromised skin, nails, hair and body.

Our services can help…

  • Decrease anxiety and increase comfort
  • Enhance sleep quality
  • Decrease unwanted side effects of treatment
  • Reduce recovery time and shorten hospital stays
  • Strengthen the immune system and enhance the ability to heal
  • Increase sense of control and well-being


All skin types can benefit from this service. Using only the cleanest and safest products for our clients, our estheticians will cleanse, massage, mask and finally treat your skin reducing the stress of chemical toxins and fighting skin fatigue.


Decompress your mind and body with a blend of standard and advanced techniques using gentle pressure to achieve the ultimate goals: a reduction in anxiety and tension relief.


Enjoy a nontoxic, cruelty-free makeup application by one of our talented makeup artists. This service is designed to meet your specific needs.


Lashes that are designed to stick on skin, not onto the lashes you may or may not have. Applied by one of our talented makeup artists, they will also teach you how to do this at home for everyday use.


Let our makeup artist transform and teach you how to build your brows with custom shaping, stenciling, and correct color design.


Empowering and supportive service that can be done in private if requested. Scalp treatment always follows this service.


A gentle but nourishing treatment for scalp health. Can be done at any stage to support hair regrowth/health or to support skin integrity after a shave


Acupuncture is a safe and effective alternative medicine that is used to treat the side effects of cancer and treatments. Based on the components of Chinese medicine, acupuncture uses thin needles that are inserted into the body to regulate energy.


Custom wig care to include (depending on the type and style of the wig) gentle washing, air drying, or set/style. Wig drop-off option available. A wig cut and style must be done in person and while on the client's head.


Even out hair regrowth, refresh your look, or get a dramatic new style, your choice!


Enhance your color or cover those grays with ammonia-free hair dye. Our non-toxic hair dye is perfectly formulated to be gentle on the scalp and lessen your toxin load.


Relax your mind, body, and breath in a group yoga class, from beginners to experts, yoga sessions will help relieve stress and discomfort, provide a sense of well-being and renewed strength. Chairs are available for those that are not secure on their feet or beginners who are not as balanced.


This no-touch therapy uses healing energy to balance the body and support overall wellness.


Our non-toxic manicure and pedicure is a damage-reducing, hygienic service used to clean up your nails. There is no cuticle cutting and only nontoxic polish is used.


Practicing mindfulness or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state of being. Shifting the focus onward to relearn how to have conscious control of one's power of breath.

Let us help you take the next step

A signed medical release by your oncologist is needed to receive these services.

FIND A PROGRAMDownload the medical release form