Cancer Has Not Stopped, So Neither Have We.
We Need Your Support Now, More Than Ever.

Our patients rely on Mondays at Racine’s cancer care services to offset the devastating physical and emotional effects of their cancer treatment. Funding is vital to sustaining our cancer care programs and services. You can help us keep our services 100% free for our patients by supporting our mission with a donation.

Please help us give our patients back what cancer has taken away… a sense of normalcy and well-being.


Where Does Your Donation Go?

Mondays at Racine Cancer Care Foundation maintains a high fiscal standard and level of transparency.

This means for every dollar spent, 89 cents goes to helping men and women get through the ravaging side effects of cancer and cancer therapies.

We spend just 5 cents on fundraising expenses and 6 cents on administrative costs.

Mondays at Racine uses the funds it raises to recruit, educate and develop more programs so that widespread access to these services is made more available. This, in turn, helps hundreds of more patients get the support they need while going through cancer.